Welcome to my site! Please feel free to look around, hear some sounds and find out where I'll be playing next...

Album progress and other news... 

The album has been moving along well. Basic tracks (rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keys) for all twelve songs have been completed, with some truly fabulous musicians. Bil Vorndick, my producer, and I are both busy, but finding blocks of time to work on vocals, with 9 songs completed and three more to go. He's out of town this week, but we'll resume again soon. Guitar overdubs will be next. It's exciting to see this take shape, and I love that Bil demands the best from me, and from these songs, and doesn't allow anything to be just "okay". It forces me to grow and think even more deeply about my own lyrics, my intention and delivery with each line. What a great learning process!
Meanwhile, I'm playing an hour set of originals at Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor in Franklin, TN next Monday, Oct 3rd, 8-9pm with my awesome friend Ben Williams for "Make it Blue Monday", a Williamson County Democratic fundraiser. Can't wait to share some music with the good people there! Come out and join us if you're in the area...

"Price on Heaven" wins 2nd place in Environmental Song Contest 

I was very happy and honored to discover that my song, "Price on Heaven (Song for Bristol Bay)", written on behalf of "Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay" to raise awareness about the threat posed by mining companies to one of the world's largest natural salmon fisheries, recently won 2nd place in the Connecticut Songwriter's Association's Environmental Song Contest! See details here: 


Also, huge thanks and gratitude to all who helped with my "Indiegogo" album campaign, which raised over $6500 in 30 days to help me complete this new album and get to share it with all of YOU!! What a blessing.

Sue's Indiegogo Campaign 

Here's the link to my "Indiegogo" fundraising campaign. It isn’t fancy, just simple. But it’s real, and it’s incredibly important to me. I know I’m surrounded by amazing talent and amazingly creative spirits, so I humbly ask my friends for your help in making this album, and allowing me to raise my voice in the chorus of good and beautiful this life can be, through music that celebrates these things. Maybe you can share this with others too? 

Thanks and peace, 

Susan Shann 


Today's the day!! 

I finally got my Indiegogo album campaign together. When I saw how professional the "pitch" videos were for some other artists' campaigns, I almost had an anxiety attack! But I pulled it together, got a little help with basic editing from a great friend, and got my simple, home-made video up there. Now it's in the hands of a higher power. I've had more amazing help and serendipity than I can even explain to this point, so I'm just gonna trust and let go. I know this project will come together. Keeping faith and moving forward...

Another day in the life 

We're getting ready for a brief trip to NC, well-deserved RnR, and a chance to see some friends. Been working a lot... there's not always enough time and energy for a serious music session. But I've learned to write in my head when working, and save ideas in my phone. Then I find little snippets of time in the morning or evening just to pick up the guitar and run through something. Every little bit counts. Just gotta keep believing and moving forward, do a little something every day. Hoping to get the fundraiser going as soon as we return.

Excited and slightly overwhelmed 

We've finally made the decision to go ahead and make an album with my producer. We've set a start date in late August and gotten some fantastic musicians on board. Looking at our budget, we realize we do not have enough to see this through to completion, so I'm in process of creating an "Indiegogo" fundraising campaign, along with this new website. It's a lot to do, and is feeling a bit overwhelming at the moment. But I know this efforts will be completely worthwhile once I get all the pieces in place. Onward and upward!

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Special Guest Performer at MCCSL

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1012 Buchanan Street, Nashville, TN 37208

Come to Music City Center for Spiritual Living and be inspired by the uplifting talk from Reverends Michael or Dyann Woody as well as the music. It's always an honor to perform for this wonderful spiritual community! Service begins at 11, and I will be performing two songs.