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 I am a songwriter, first and foremost. I thoroughly enjoy performing and connecting with an audience and always have, but writing is what I love most – both the creative process and the ability to move and communicate with others in a way that transcends the spoken word. As a long-time activist for social and environmental causes, I also love the ways in which music can empower, inspire and even transform us, teach us, bring us together, help us heal, forgive, see the beauty in life. For me, that’s the best reason in the world to do this!!


While I’ve had some incredible performance opportunities and done some amazing things throughout my career in music thus far, I’ve always held another job as my main source of income. We live in a culture that too often doesn’t assign adequate value to music - to its creation, distribution, or to the work involved in honing and presenting these gifts in a professional capacity. There is an enormous pool of talented artists and songwriters in our world whose names you will probably never know. Many go broke trying to do what they love, earning a bare minimum at best for sharing something of far greater value than what they’ve been able to earn. Many eventually abandon such a prospect altogether. That becomes a loss to us all. Think of all the songs that have been an integral part of your life and experience, and imagine if they’d never been written or shared.


It has also often been a source of joy and satisfaction to be able to share my music without the NEED for (monetary) compensation, especially when given the opportunity to perform in support of causes I believe in or organizations doing important work in the world. The biggest challenge there has always been finding enough time to do it with the focus and intention it deserves while trying to earn a living elsewhere.


Now is the time for me to take a leap of faith on earning a sustaining living from creating music and songs that can provide value in ways that are difficult to put a price on. This pandemic has helped me to realize there is nothing else I would rather do, nothing I love as much as this. And with the encouragement of a few friends and supporters, I’m going all in.


By subscribing to my site, you will be supporting me in doing this, affirming that you believe in the power of my music to make a positive difference in the world. You will have access to a range of exclusive membership “percs” that I’ve described in the “tiers” section of this page, and also in my intro video. AND, you can discontinue at any time. There is no commitment or obligation.


I cannot thank you enough for even considering this! Wishing you peace, love and good music...


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