Message and Music: What's New...

On May 15th, 2022 I had the opportunity to deliver my fourth "message and music" (or "sermon and song" if you prefer) for the community at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville. The title of my talk was "Sacred Ecology", accompanied by three of my original songs ("I Am That I Am", "Church of God" and "Wild Beauty") and one cover (Gabe Dixon's "All Will Be Well"). At last, I figured out what my life's purpose is: to transform society, one heart and mind at a time, by sharing what I've learned through the ongoing process of my own transformation through spiritual practice, speaking, music, and active engagement with an ecologically-centered model for sustainable, regenerative, cooperative and local living (and amazing communities of people involved with these efforts). If this sounds dramatic... I guess it is. But when the path reveals itself, ya' gotta follow it. (Conversely, I guess one can continue wandering in the fading light, alienation and dead-end corridors of the Industrial Growth Society and the Great Global Pursuit of Corporate Empire that's killing our living world, but... that doesn't sound nearly as  enticing to me!). The link for that event is here:

My most recent talk was this past weekend, on Sat., June 4th, for the Cumberland Green Bioregional Council - of which I've been a member for many years. I laid out some of the history and key characteristics of systems thinking. The formal (and LONG) title was "Radical Revisioning: Systems Thinking and the Move Toward an Ecological Society". Needless to say, delivering such a talk to the Greens is basically preaching to the choir, but it's still excellent practice for me, as I continue to learn and integrate different aspects of this larger vision of transformation - from economic to health-related to social and community provisions, and so on. Unfortunately, I didn't get to film this one - but plan to do so going forward.

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